Possible Psychological and Physical Side Effects of Testosterone Supplements

If you are considering taking testosterone supplements, whether for boosting your libido or to gain energy and build muscle mass it is important to know the side effects before you start this journey. So, lets take a look at both psychological and physical side effects of the supplements.


 psychologyThe most common side effect in this category is mood swings. But this goes for becoming more aggressive and hostile. However, this side effect usually occurs if the person’s temperament is triggered for these behaviors before the treatment.

Depression has been also reported when using the supplements. But the cause of depression is still unknown and this means there is no direct line between depression and the treatment (testosteron medizin).


One of the most common physical side effects is acne. The reports are usually based on outbreaks on their backs.

There is one side effect that you have to consider and look out for when starting on the supplements., abnormal muscle growth or myalgia. Testosterones are effective when it comes to muscle growth but for some people can come to abnormal growth and tearing muscles and ligaments. In this case it is essential to keep your trainings is balanced so that you promote healthy and positive muscle growth.

Other less common side effects that can occur are occasional headache and deficiency of iron and anemia. The headaches tend to be small and not migraine and the anemia can lead to being more prone to infections and feeling colder.

The best way to avoid these side effects is buying quality. It is a no-brainer, do your research and make sure to find the best quality that you can afford. Look for what the supplements are made of, synthetics, additives and other materials and ingredients.

Simple Steps to Maintain Testosterone Levels

 It is really bad that most of us start to take care of ourselves when health issues start to arise. This unreasonable thinking is what makes us even more prone to serious health problems. The same goes for men that keep on ignoring the fact that they need to take care of their testosterones. These important hormones if balanced will bring health and strength as we age and even over 50, but if not it can bring serious heart, bone, memory and obesity problems.

It is always better to start when they are still in natural level. However, after the age of 30, naturally they start to decrease steadily and we start to feel the symptoms that will slowly start to affect our life. Luckily there are simple steps that you can practice in order to naturally keep the testosterone in balance (integratori testosterone).

Step 1 – Working Out

Start regular exercises. The body needs stimulation in order to trigger testosterone creating and activation of testosterone. The training will work even better if you add to your diet healthy food that is known to have zinc, magnesium and vitamin D and C in them.

Step 2 – Less Stress

I know that today everyone is always busy and under stress from different areas in life. Try your best to stay away from your stress triggers or learn how to control the situation. When the body needs to cope with stress it will increase the production of cortisol hormone. When increased it may lead to muscle loss and weight gain. Controlling it will help in proper synthesis of protein, muscle gain and of course testosterone level.

Step 3 – Get Restful Sleep

People that have less restful sleep have their testosterone levels drop dramatically. You need sleep that is restful and at least 6-8 hours each night. This will help in controlling the testosterone and also help in recovery after training.

These 3 simple steps will give you other benefits too like lowering irritability, increase your energy, help you lose weight, etc. If needed, you can add supplements as help to raise the T levels if you already know that they are low

TestoGen For Increasing Testosterone

There is nothing better when you find the perfect product that will help you increase your testosterone levels and help you build muscles faster. But have you been able to find the right one for you? If not now you will.

Search so much on the Internet and going trough so many feedbacks it can be still hard to decide. This is because testosterone boosters have become one of the most used natural supplements for athletes and weight lifters. This is because they help you boost the T in a natural way. One of those products is TestoGen.

Why TestoGen

TestoGen has a triple action formula that targets all three different aspects of the overall health and those health benefits have the role to Sharpen, stimulate and strengthen. It will stimulate the body to increase the T production and also raise the levels. The result will bring your physical training, performance, and stamina to a new level.

Another positive side why to use this booster is the simplicity of dosage. The serving size per day is 4 capsules. They can be taken continuously without getting any side effects and you can take about one week break before starting a new bottle.

The Benefits of its Ingredients

TestoGen has 8 main ingredients. 4 of the ingredients are for your overall health and the other are targeting just the testosterones. They are designed to work in harmony so that the levels of T can be increased steadily and also improve your health.  

Those ingredients will help you in losing body fat faster and increase the speed of muscle growth. In addition, they will help with your libido, sex arousal and sex drive, energy, lower stress levels, better mood and better bone density.

The last thing to keep in mind is the effect time. It might take few weeks until you see any results. This is because the body will produce and active the testosterone steadily and this won’t shock the body with the change.

Testosterone Substitutive Therapy

Many older men suffering from low testosterone report improved energy levels, mood and sexual desire after treatment with testosterone replacement. If testosterone is low, shouldn’t it be replaced? – Because it is not so simple. A low testosterone level itself does not require treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy can have side effects and long-term risks, while the benefits are unknown. Only men who have symptoms of low testosterone levels may consider substitution treatment. Medical consultation is the only way to find out if this treatment is beneficial or not (home).

Low testosterone: subtle symptoms

Symptoms of low testosterone levels are sometimes obvious but they can often be subtle. Testosterone levels naturally decrease in men as they age, and symptoms can appear gradually.
Symptoms of low testosterone include:
– Low sexual desire (decreased libido);
– Erectile dysfunction;
– Fatigue and low energy levels;
– Difficulty in concentrating, even for simple tasks;
– Depression;
– Irritability;
– Decreased self-worth.
If a man has symptoms of low testosterone levels and tests show low levels of testosterone, the doctor may propose treatment. For millions of men who have low testosterone levels but no symptoms, no treatment is currently recommended.

Types of testosterone supplements

Testosterone replacement therapy is available in many forms. Any of these can improve testosterone levels:
– Cutaneous patch (trans-dermal): they can be worn on the arm or upper body region. Apply once a day;
– Gels: testosterone is absorbed directly through the skin and the gel is applied once a day. Some forms of presentation have a metered pump which measure the quantity prescribed by a doctor;
– Oral patches: There are special tablets that stick to the gums upper incisors. Applied twice a day, they continuously release testosterone into the bloodstream via the oral tissues;

low testosterone symptoms
– Injections and implants: Testosterone can be injected directly into muscle or as pellets implanted in soft tissues. The body gradually absorbs the testosterone into the bloodstream.
Why not a simple testosterone pill? There are available oral testosterone solutions. However, some experts believe oral testosterone can have a negative effect on the liver. Using other methods, such as cutaneous patches, gels, tablets or injections with oral dispersion, the supplement bypasses the liver and makes testosterone to go directly into the bloodstream.

The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy

What could be the effects of testosterone therapy? It is impossible to predict because every man is different. Many men report improved energy levels, sexual desire and quality of erections. Testosterone also improves bone density, muscle development and help weight loss and also insulin secretion in some men.
Men also reported an improvement in mood after the substitution treatment. If these effects are barely visible or very obvious, this depends only on the individuality of each patient.

5 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a sex hormone linked to masculinity and virility often. High levels of testosterone during adolescence help physical maturation and transformation into a man – increases muscle mass; widen shoulders, increase penis size, chest hair and deepening of the voice.

The concentration of testosterone in the adult organism helps to maintain these qualities, but it is important for sexual function, libido and reproduction. However, testosterone levels begin to decline naturally as a man ages, the process starts at the age of 25-30 years and is increasing as they approach the age of 50 years.

Among the specific symptoms of hypogonadism (low testosterone) include: decreased interest in sex, undue fatigue, muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, especially in the abdominal area, depression, and anemia.

Although age has an impact on testosterone levels, lifestyle and diet are the most important factor.

Here’s how you can increase testosterone levels naturally:

Add flavor to your meals

Onions and garlic are your allies in the kitchen and bedroom. This helps to produce more sperm and increase the hormones that trigger the production of testosterone. Both contain high levels of Flavonoids, which protect sperm quality.

Eat more protein

Beef, chicken, or eggs should not be missing from your diet. Tofu, nuts, olive oil and seeds also contain protein. Try to eat 250-300 grams of protein per day, although the ideal amount depends on the age and how active you are. Testosterone is produced from cholesterol and fats without the amount of this hormone will decrease.

Choose Fish in Your Diet

Oily fish such as salmon, tuna or mackerel contain a lot of vitamin D; often associated with bone density and muscle strength, vitamin D is also closely related to testosterone levels in men.

More Magnesium

This mineral prevents testosterone binding to the protein. The result is a larger amount of male hormone in your blood. Spinach contains plenty of magnesium. Almonds, cashews or peanuts are good sources, too.


There is a reason why these mollusks are considered beneficial for fertility – they contain almost five times the recommended daily dose of zinc. This mineral is helpful in the production of testosterone. A significant amount of zinc is found in beef or beans. There are many zinc-fortified food products, most often cereals. Bonus: Zinc strengthens the immune system!