Open Source Hardware

by Joseph Flaherty on November 16, 2008

3D printing and other fabrication technologies are one exciting aspect of personal fabrication, but building programmatic intelligence into personal objects opens up a world of opportunity. Printing an object from a CAD file is exciting, but building a custom object that has network connectivity and interactive components creates a whole new world of product potential.

1. An Overview – The senior editor of Make: magazine and a frequent contributor have outlined the basics of hardware hacking, comparing it to a 7 layer burrito and then providing a framework and examples for each “layer”.

Open Source Hardware (adolescence)

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2. Where We Are – This presentation highlights the current state of the art. Great examples of what hardware hackers are making now.

3. Coming Soon – Shows off what some next generation hardware hacks could do to hybridize the physical and virtual world. A great deal of the presentation is given over to Bruce Sterling’s “Spime” meme, where object will become “blogjects” with a ability to locate themselves in space and provide information about their history.

4. Get Started 1RepRap is an open source 3D fabrication machine that can be built for under $2000, assuming you have some engineering chops. The goal of the RepRap projects is to produce a machine that can make objects of use to humans while also replicating itself. This presentation is half practical implementation and half manifesto for a new kind of manufacturing.

Go Open 2008: Adrian Bowyer, RepRap

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5. Get Started 2 – Everything you ever wanted to know about the Arduino development platform, but were afraid to ask. This set of slides provides a quick overview of what the Arduino platform is, what applications it is best suited for, and a plethora of links and resources to help you get started.

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  • Matt

    Howdy! Here are a few more for the recordbooks…

    Let me know what you think – I've focused a little bit more on the licensing issues, and tried to clarify all the different “code” files that could potentially be open.

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