3D Printing and Beyond!

by Joseph Flaherty on January 17, 2010

Pixar “handyman” and Director of Toy Story 3, Lee Unkrich posted a pic of  an awesome Buzz Lightyear sculpture made with a ZCorp 3D printer.


As cool as this statue is it is nowhere as cool as this 3D Zoetrope that was animated using traditional Pixar tools, but instead of being rendered for the screen the parts were printed in 3D and assembled into a jaw dropping 4D work of art.

It would be great if Disney started broadening the awareness of 3D printing tech via the coming revamp of their stores and theme parks. A kid could have their face printed on a Disney character, or pose and print a character, etc. The only downside is the fragility and general dustiness of the ZCorp parts. If nothing else they could be cool replacements for the generic multi-hundred dollar statues they currently sell at the parks.

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