3D Printers and Pixar – Amazing Use Cases

by Joseph Flaherty on January 26, 2011

Toy Story 3 Director Lee Unkrich has recently posted images of some 3D printed models from his trophy case. The “Spanish Buzz” has been seen before, but I’ve not seen the Woody or Jessie models aside from the ones in the famous Toy Story Zoetrope.

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This Lotso model is new though and shows the capabilities of the ZCorp range of 3D printers. At close range ZCorp models usually seem a little ridged and dusty, but at this scale and with the rough texture of the model those short comings are barely evident.

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The amazing part about this Lotso model is the bright pink coloring. The 3D printer that made this model uses HP inkjets very similar to the ones in commercial printers and sprays the ink onto an off white surface. Usually this leads to a muted appearance, but these models are stunning.

I wish Pixar would share more of these models as they are one of the few companies that has world class 3D CAD experience which can really put these amazing machines through their paces.

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