iPad Belles-Lettres

by Joseph Flaherty on March 2, 2011

The iPad 2 is now old news and while speculation is ramping up for version 3 there is still amazing innovation happening on this platform. On Kickstarter there is a project to sponsor a virtual letterpress. This project would allow users to arrange wooden blocks of type on the screen and create “virtual” prints. Ultimately the vision is to allow users to customize a message and have it printed in real life. The project is fully funded and a very interesting application for the platform.

Along the lines of letters and iPads there is a burgeoning class of writer creating a nice living, beyond what a traditional publisher could offer by self-publishing on tablets. Amanda Hocking has made more than a quarter million dollars in her short career. JA Konrath is another writer who started out printing on dead trees, but has seen greener grass in the purely digital world.

Whether it is creating or consuming content, the iPad, Kindle, and other tablets are changing our relationship with the written world. These experiments in print also help us imagine what the future of other product categories will be like.

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