Links: Board Games, Shivs, & Sparkfun

by Joseph Flaherty on December 29, 2012

1. Penny Arcade reports on the secrets of successful Kickstarter campaigns — ones that deliver on time, not those that raise a bunch of money and keep backers hanging.


2. “As Seen on YouTube” — Epic Meal Time is turning their fratty food show into a line of cooking gear.

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 11.41.23 PM

3. Straight Line Designs does amazing things with plywood and CNC routers. Via.


4. Joris Peels’s essays on 3-D printing are always thought provoking. He’s written a great report on companies that have interesting patents in the 3-D printing market.

5. Megan McArdle provides an amazingly astute take on medical innovation:

It strikes me that medical research is haunted by the memory of penicillin, and the other antibiotics that immediately followed.  For a period of ten or fifteen years, “miracle cures” were the stuff of everyday life rather than television movies and late night infomercials:  you took a pill, and something that had previously been fatal, like pneumonia or tuberculosis, simply went away.  Often, you went from death’s door to the picture of health in hours or days.

As a consequence, people think that this is how medical discoveries are supposed to work: you find a cure for a fatal or crippling disease, everyone gets better instantly, and the world is a better place.  I suspect that this is Big Pharma critic Marcia Angell‘s mental model.  The reason she’s decided that drug companies are about as useful as a third buttock is that they’re no longer delivering the miracle pills on schedule.


6. Sparkfun has become a victim of their own success. Their “Free Days” used to mean huge discounts of free products for customers. Now fear of lawsuits is forcing them to end the program.

7. Pictures of Ireland from 100 years ago — This is where my father is from. Doesn’t seem that different from when I visited in the 1980s.

Maison isolée et murets de pierres sèches bordant chemins et par

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