Link Roundup — Book Lamps, PillPack, and OCD

by Joseph Flaherty on February 27, 2013

1.Take In a Little Light Reading With This Book-Inspired Lamp


My latest post for about a San Francisco-based architect who developed a collapsible, book shaped, lamp. The book concept is a little forced and using the idea of using  it as an emergency light (as demonstrated in the Kickstarter video) is a bit far fetched, but the stunning photography and versatility of the design have helped it raise over $340,000 with more than two weeks remaining.

2. Rethinking Mail Order Pharmacy

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.21.00 PM

Most designers don’t want to get their hands dirty with the world of regulation or industrial robotics, but the team at has written a new prescription that helps medicine go down much easier. Instead of fumbling with half a dozen bottles or buying one of those tacky “day of the week” pill boxes, PillPack puts all your prescriptions in personalized packets organized by time of day. It’s a simple, but potentially transformative, idea.

The company hasn’t officially launched yet, but is participating in the TechStars incubator and has a chance to massively change the way we take our medicine. Sign up for their mailing list, they’re one to watch.

3. Photos of Neatly Arranged Collections


Portland Photographer Jim Golden shoots pictures of neatly arranged collections that capture the compulsive character of their curators. Prints start at $90.00, a fraction of the price of starting your own collection.

HT: Nick de la Mare


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