Links: 3-D Printed Movies, Real Life Pokemon, and Engineered Orange Juice

by Joseph Flaherty on February 10, 2013

The Making of Paranorman Ebook

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Paranorman was produced using thousands of 3-D printed models. Laika, the studio behind the additive fabrication animation, has created a free ebook that gives some behind the scenes perspective on how plaster powder produced a popular picture.

Why Brits Lagged Behind Americans in Gadget Adoption

During the middle of the 20th century, Americans had a 10, 20, to 30 year lead in gadget ownership over our British buddies.  Megan McArdle has some theories as to why.

Nine Real Life Pokemon Characters


Bizarre looking animals that would be right at home in the Pokemon universe.

Algorithmic Orange Juice

Fascinating story about how Coca-Cola engineers it’s Minute Maid Orange Juice.

“is definitely one of the most complex applications of business analytics. It requires analyzing up to 1 quintillion decision variables to consistently deliver the optimal blend, despite the whims of Mother Nature.”

The Black Book model includes detailed data about the myriad flavors—more than 600 in all—that make up an orange, and consumer preferences. Those data are matched to a profile detailing acidity, sweetness, and other attributes of each batch of raw juice. The algorithm then tells Coke how to blend batches to replicate a certain taste and consistency, right down to pulp content.

Also, there is an entire book about orange juice — Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice.

Unpainted Action Figures


One reason 3-D printers won’t be a viable replacement for most manufactured goods — Painting and surface decoration are incredibly important. This great gallery shows what iconic action figures look like before they’re painted in the trademark color schemes. Via.


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