Laser cut pancakes are going to be bigger than 3D printing

February 23, 2012

CutLaserCut is a service bureau that offers laser cutting for creative professionals. They’ve done work for Google and Braun, but also reserve time for experimentation. Like any good alpha geeks they wanted to see how far they could push their tools and decided to use their industrial laser cutter to cook a pancake. While it […]

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IDEA! DIY “Nutrition Facts Label”

February 18, 2012

Skier Jonny Mosely tweeted this picture of a sign that helped joggers equate their physical exertion to caloric intake. Depressingly you have to log 4.5 miles of running to work off one slice of pizza. It’s an unfortunate calculation, but it is certainly better to have the information. What if the same principle was applied […]

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The O’Reilly Shelf – Brand Identity in a DIY World

February 18, 2012

Photo Credit O’Reilly Media tweeted a request to it’s fans asking them for pictures of their “O’Reilly Shelf”. If you’ve spent any time around software or IT professionals you know instantly what they mean. Row after row of deep blue, sea foam, and bright pink spines  interspersed with a cover lying face up featuring a […]

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DIY.ORG – Zach Klein’s New Startup

February 15, 2012

Zach Klein, founder of College Humor, Vimeo, CPO at Boxee, and prolific angel investor is taking a swing at combining his expertise in the consumer internet world with a passion for handicraft in a new venture called The company has been quiet about its focus and goals, but here are some interesting hints: It […]

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Facebook’s Analog Research Group – Web Meets World Posters

February 14, 2012

Collector’s Weekly is an awesome blog that covers the world of “antiques” from the Victorian era to the modern day. Everything from Daguerreotypes to screen printed posters made at Facebook’s HQ in San Francisco. According to their excellent article a Facebook designer named Ben Berry created the “Analog Research Lab” in an unused part of […]

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Retailers in the Cross Hairs – Mike Dreese, Founder – Newbury Comics

February 3, 2012

Photo Credit Newbury Comics is a retail chain in New England that builds miniature palaces to pop culture. It started out as a comic book store on Boston’s Newbury Street 2o years ago, but has evolved over the years to sell music, toys, gadgets, fashion, and a whole bunch of Twilight ephemera. Founder Mike Dreese […]

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VistaPrint Commercials Featuring YouBar – Mass Customization Mashup

January 21, 2012

VistaPrint uses print on demand technology to mass customized business cards, wedding invitations, and other printed ephemera. They are easily one of the largest mass customization businesses with revenues of close to $750MM. They have recently started to dabble in television advertising and the subject of their commercials are the small and medium sized businesses […]

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I Bought a MakerBot – Serial Number 6523

January 16, 2012

I’ve been writing about 3D Printing since when I first created this blog in late 2008. I wrote about MakerBot when they were first announced and many, many times subsequently. I was impressed by the concept and thought the team was cool, but wasn’t sure about the utility. I had a lot of doubts: – […]

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DIY Evolution – Fruit Loops and Fruit Flies

January 15, 2012

The Rice Krispie treat has remained largely unchanged from its origins in the 1920’s to the modern day. Maybe your mom would throw in chocolate chips, but I had never seen as wild a variation as this multi-color version made with Fruit Loops. It also took the Kellogg company over 7o years to start selling […]

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Alex Hornstein and the Pocket Factory

January 14, 2012

Having gone to art school I’m used to eccentricity. Working alongside amazing scientists and engineers I’m also used to the mix of intelligence and quirkiness. Alex Hornstein is eccentric and seems like a really smart guy, but also possesses a dash of maniacal boldness I’ve never quite seen before. When I first chatted with him […]

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