Possible Psychological and Physical Side Effects of Testosterone Supplements

If you are considering taking testosterone supplements, whether for boosting your libido or to gain energy and build muscle mass it is important to know the side effects before you start this journey. So, lets take a look at both psychological and physical side effects of the supplements.


 psychologyThe most common side effect in this category is mood swings. But this goes for becoming more aggressive and hostile. However, this side effect usually occurs if the person’s temperament is triggered for these behaviors before the treatment.

Depression has been also reported when using the supplements. But the cause of depression is still unknown and this means there is no direct line between depression and the treatment (testosteron medizin).


One of the most common physical side effects is acne. The reports are usually based on outbreaks on their backs.

There is one side effect that you have to consider and look out for when starting on the supplements., abnormal muscle growth or myalgia. Testosterones are effective when it comes to muscle growth but for some people can come to abnormal growth and tearing muscles and ligaments. In this case it is essential to keep your trainings is balanced so that you promote healthy and positive muscle growth.

Other less common side effects that can occur are occasional headache and deficiency of iron and anemia. The headaches tend to be small and not migraine and the anemia can lead to being more prone to infections and feeling colder.

The best way to avoid these side effects is buying quality. It is a no-brainer, do your research and make sure to find the best quality that you can afford. Look for what the supplements are made of, synthetics, additives and other materials and ingredients.